Razer is a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers. Razer is transforming the way people play games, engage with other gamers and identify with the gamer lifestyle. Razer’s award-winning design and technology include an array of user interface and systems devices, voice-over IP for gamers and a cloud platform for customizing and enhancing gaming devices.


When designing Razer Blade Stealth, we leveraged our advanced technical experience in notebook performance and design to craft the ultimate device for portability and productivity. Our goal is to continue to disrupt the PC market. We will not be complacent with our current success but instead continue to innovate and push the boundaries. With the announcement of the new Razer Blade Stealth and its many improvements, we aim to further position this notebook as the ultimate Ultrabook.

While keeping the amazingly thin 0.52” design, the new Razer Blade Stealth now features a 15% larger capacity battery and the more power efficient 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, providing the perfect blend of performance and mobility. For increased productivity the Razer Blade Stealth is also now available with up to 16 GB of RAM and up to a massive 1 TB of PCIe SSD storage. Razer has managed to offer these great product improvements while offering an unbelievable value compared to other Ultrabooks in this category.


  • Amazingly thin and durable – 0.52” | CNC Aluminum
  • 15% larger capacity battery than previous Razer Blade Stealth
  • Visually stunning 12.5” 4K or QHD IGZO touch display
  • 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Up to 16 GB RAM and up to 1 TB PCIe SSD
  • Keyboard powered by Razer Chroma™ with 16.8 million color options
  • Razer Core plug and play external graphics support


  • Are you looking for a best-in-class Ultrabook experience?
  • What’s most important to you (processing speed, graphics, screen size, weight, battery life, price, style, color)?


If the customer is asking about portability:

Highlight the following: The insanely thin Razer Blade Stealth is designed to help users slice through their daily tasks. At only 0.52” and 2.84lbs, the Razer Blade Stealth is extremely portable. As a comparison, the Razer Blade Stealth is both thinner and lighter than the Apple MacBook Air 13 and Dell XPS 13.

If the customer is asking about performance:

Highlight the following: Razer did not sacrifice on the important aspects of the notebook. Included is a full size Razer Chroma™ keyboard, stereo speakers, and full connectivity including Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, and additional USB 3.0 ports.



Do you own a notebook?

  • If YES, ask them if they have ever used the Razer Blade Stealth before and ask them to follow you to experience the latest Razer Blade Stealth.
  • If NO, tell them that you are going to show them a new standard in portable computing that is going to change the way they experience Ultrabook performance.


Walk the customer over to the demo unit in your store and give them the chance to try out the Razer Blade Stealth’s capabilities.


Are weight, size, and portability important to you? Let me show you the new Razer Blade Stealth that is designed to be as light and compact as possible while being ultra-powerful.


Walk the customer over to the demo units in your store to let them carry and feel the Razer Blade Stealth for themselves.




4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels and Quad HD at 2560 x 1440 display options

The Razer Blade Stealth provides stunningly beautiful image quality and unspeakably crisp text for documents, while offering an unbelievable value compared to other notebooks in this category.

Say: Enjoy a display that provides stunningly beautiful and realistic image quality with a QHD+ display.

Latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Razer Core plug and play external graphics support

The Razer Blade Stealth gives you Ultrabook desktop performance.

Say: With Razer Core plug and play external graphics support, play your games the way they are meant to be played.

15% larger capacity battery

The Razer Blade Stealth provides ultrabook mobility with incredible battery life.

Say: Designed for maximum portability, the Razer Blade Stealth is as thin and light as it gets while still managing to offer great product. The improvements offer unbelievable value compared to other notebooks in this category. Everything from the laptop itself all the way to its power supply is designed to be compact, light, and ready for travel.

Acer Aspire R 15: Your New On-the-Go Notebook Is Here

Versatility, flexibility, and mobility are all wrapped into one high-performance package with the Acer Aspire R 15.

The Acer Aspire R 15 is built from the ground up to enhance and elevate every customer’s mobile computing experience with a winning pedigree of seamless accessibility, elegant beauty, 360-degree adaptability, and dynamic entertainment capabilities. Your customers are on the lookout for best-in-class performance made possible with the 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor.

One Notebook. Four Different Modes.

With sleek design that includes an innovative 360-degree hinge, customers can quickly and easily convert to four useful modes: TENT mode, DISPLAY mode, LAPTOP mode, and TABLET mode.

TENT mode

Great for watching movies, displaying photos, sharing presentations, or leading video-based conference calls.


Allows customers to keep working or stay entertained in confined spaces (on an airplane, public transportation, in the kitchen, etc.).


Great for focused work sessions when productivity is the end goal (writing e-mails, editing video, etc.).


This mode is excellent for casual Internet browsing, mobile gaming, and more.

Acer Aspire R 15 Convertible Notebook
Operation System Windows® 10
Display 15.6-inch display
Processor 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor
Graphics Up to NVIDIA® GeForce 940MX
Memory Up to 12 GB DDR4
Storage Up 512 GB SSD

Up to 1 TB HDD

Audio Dolby® Audio™

Acer TrueHarmony™

Battery Life Up to 9 hours
Wireless ExoAmp Antenna

802.11b/g/n/ac, 2×2 MIMO + MU-MIMO

USC Type-C Port 1 x USB 3.1

Experience Amazing Sound with the Acer Aspire R 15

Acer TrueHarmony™

Acer TrueHarmony™ technology delivers big on immersive surround sound that puts customers right into the action. With built-in equalizer tuning algorithms, your customers can experience immersive movies and video chat from anywhere.

Dolby® Audio™

Dolby® Audio™ completely transforms your PC into an entertainment multiplex by enhancing and optimizing sound for each customer’s favorite digital content. Whether they are streaming a movie, or listening to a favorite album—Dolby® Audio™ will change the way they think a PC should sound.

Key Features of the Acer Aspire R 15

Advanced Networking

Through groundbreaking networking technologies like Acer ExoAmp—a Multi-User, Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) wireless technology—and dual-band wireless connections, customers can collaborate and create without skipping a beat.

Next-Gen Graphics Capabilities

The Acer Aspire R 15 can handle a wide range of graphics processors—all the way up to the NVIDIA® GeFORCE 940MX card. When stacked up against competitors’ graphics capabilities, the Acer Aspire R 15 performs 15 percent faster than its 930M counterparts.

Better Memory Performance

With DDR4 memory included in the Acer Aspire R 15, the system will deliver performance at a much higher level, and with much lower power requirements than DDR3 memory. For instance, with a data transfer rate of 2,133 MT/s at 1.2v, DDR4 memory requires 20 percent less power than DDR3 memory. Translation: Customers get better performance without quickly draining their battery life.

Groundbreaking Productivity

Stay productive for a full work day, and then some. With up to 9 hours of battery life, your customers can maximize their ability to work AND play hard. Plus, with reversible USB Type-C connectivity, transferring data to and from their external devices is quick and painless.

Acer Switch Alpha 12: Productivity for the Modern Professional

Powerful. Portable. Flexible. The Acer Switch Alpha 12 gives today’s business professionals everything they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is expertly designed for the busy, on-the-go student and business professional. Featuring a sleek build and an innovative fanless cooling system, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 lets your customers maintain their highest productivity levels without being tied to the office. They will also enjoy enhanced performance and functionality, powered by the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7 processor.

The light form factor, mixed with a large 12-inch display, delivers a one-two-three punch of productivity, mobility, and amazing value for the price point.

What Is Acer LiquidLoop™?

Acer LiquidLoop™ is the world’s first fanless, liquid-loop cooling system to support the high-performance of the 6th generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7 processor. This heat pipe-based cooling system enables quiet, high-performance computing without overheating the entire system. Originating in space exploration technology, Acer’s brand of heat pipe cooling offers up advanced component cooling capabilities that enable uninterrupted productivity.

Benefits include:

  • No sound
  • No vents
  • Dust elimination
  • Energy efficiency

Three Benefits of the Acer Switch Alpha 12 165-Degree Kickstand

Connect the full-size, backlit keyboard quickly and easily with the kickstand’s magnetic hinge. Switch from a tablet to a laptop in a matter of seconds. Adjust the U-frame kickstand up to 165 degrees so customers can tilt the screen for usage in any situation.
Acer Alpha Switch 12
Operation System Windows® 10 Pro
Display 12-inch display

2160 x 1440 FHD

Processor Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 processor
Memory Up to 8 GB DDR4
Storage Up to 256 GB SSD
I/O USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Type C™, MicroSD 128 GB
Audio Two front speakers
Battery Life Up to 8 hours
Wireless 802.11 ac + WiGig™, Bluetooth 4.1

Are your customers ready for Acer Active Pen?

With an Acer Switch Alpha 12 purchase, your customers will have the option to add on The Acer Active Pen. With a built-in high reporting rate, Acer Active Pen dramatically minimizes delay, delivering a seamless writing and drawing environment that feels just like an ink pen. It is also designed with intelligent pressure sensitivity and palm rejection technologies that allow your customers to write and draw lines at any weight without interruption.

Four Key Selling Pillars

On-the-Go Productivity

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 lets customers travel easily, with a lightweight device that seamlessly transforms from laptop to tablet and back again. Plus, they can work in virtually any environment with the automatically adjustable 165-degree radius kickstand that gives them the option of working fluidly from their lap or from their desk.

Run Cool. Run Quiet.

The innovation continues with the fanless Acer LiquidLoop™ cooling system. This cooling system supports high-performance Intel® processors, while enabling your customers’ system to run cool and quiet.

Astounding Sights and Sounds

An amazing 12-inch screen paired with two front facing speakers allow for completely immersive multi-media experiences. Whether your customers are watching a movie or attending a conference call, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 will change the way they work and play.

Built for Success

Most importantly, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 is outfitted with an Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7 processor to help customers complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible thanks to hardware and software tools, such as USB Type-C™ ports, WiGig™ wireless transfer capabilities, and the latest Windows® 10 Pro software. Plus, they can jot down and save meeting notes as fast as they are taken with the optional Acer Active Pen.


Acer Predator: Stay Cool Under Fire

Come to the battle prepared to dominate with supercharged audio, advanced cooling systems, and next-gen processing power from Intel.

The Acer Predator is the fiercest gaming laptop for the fiercest of hunters. Everything from the sharp-angled form factor to the innovative cooling hardware to the GPU speed and advanced capabilities are all specifically designed to help gamers achieve another level of in-game dominance, regardless of the scenario.

When you equip yourself with an Acer Predator gaming laptop, you join a tribe of some of the world’s most elite gaming enthusiasts. The result is a whole new gaming experience guaranteed to uplevel your skill level through higher performance, better graphics, and seamless gameplay.

A Peek Inside the Predator 15 and 17

Predator 15

Predator 17

Operation System Windows® 10 Operation System Windows® 10
Display 15-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS

Optional UHD 4K2K (3840 x 2160)

Display 17-inch FHD (1920×1080) IPS
Processor 6th generation Intel® Core® i5 and i7 processors Processor 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors
Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 980M 8G GDDR5


Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 980M 8G GDDR5


Memory Up to 64 GB of DDR4 system memory

(4 DIMM)

Memory Up to 64 GB of DDR4 system memory

(4 DIMM)

Storage PCIe 256/512 GB

SATA RAID 0 256 GB /512 GB/1 TB

SATA 128/256/512 GB

HDD: 1 TB (54OOrpm/7200rpm)

2 TB (54OOrpm)

SD card reader

Storage PCIe SSD: 256 GB/512 GB

SATA RAID 0: 256 GB/512 GB/1 TB

SATA: 128 GB/256 GB/512 GB

HDD: 1 TB (54OOrpm/7200 rpm)

2TB (5400 rpm) SD card reader

Audio 4 speakers with 1 subwoofer

Dolby Audio™

Predator TrueHarmony Premium

Predator PurifiedVoice

Support Headphone Output with Amplifier (600Ω)

Audio 4 speakers with 2 subwoofers

Dolby Audio™

Predator TrueHarmony Premium

Predator PurifiedVoice

Members of the Predator tribe can experience:

Killer DoubleShot Pro

Lose the extra lag with Killer DoubleShot Pro technology. Choose precisely which applications use your laptop’s bandwidth. You can even split Internet usage between wired and wireless connections simultaneously.

Advanced Cooling Capabilities

With an advanced, triple-fan design, the Predator’s built-in cooling system is sure to keep your system cool in the heat of battle. Plus, with the additional Predator FrostCore fan you can easily inject your next-level gaming rig with extra cooling capabilities to keep heat down without skipping a beat. FrostCore also includes an extra swappable fan that fits right into your optical drive bay, so you can (only after powering down your system) quickly change your cooling fan between intense gaming sessions.

Fully-Customizable Gaming Keyboard

The Predator ProZone RGB keyboard gives you more control over your gaming experience. With customizable backlight zones, you can enhance your keyboard’s look and feel with 16 million colors to choose from. Plus, the keyboard is further enhanced with a number pad and dedicated macro buttons to give you full command over your in-game performance.

Amazing Sound

Next-level gaming demands next-level audio capabilities. The Predator SoundPound 4.2 boasts four speakers, plus Dolby Audio™ surround sound to ensure you’ll hear your attackers long before they attempt a sneak attack.

Identifying New Predators

A quick reference guide to finding and matching customers with the right gaming laptop.

Ideal candidates to join the Predator tribe are:

  • Hardcore gamers
    Always in search of the next big win, gamers are actively acquiring the right technologies and peripherals to achieve the next level of dominance in any game they choose to play.
  • Searching for the best performance possible
    Performance is at the heart of every great gaming system, so a system powered by a winning combination of 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX desktop graphics cards offers up an attractive and powerful solution for gamers in search of the latest and greatest in processor and graphics technology.
  • Looking for next-level gaming experiences
    Finding a powerful system that enables an amazing in-game experience is essential for any gamer. From hardware customization to rich multimedia experiences, the Acer Predator offers up incredible options.

Discover design, performance, and enhanced entertainment features of the Acer Aspire V Nitro.All content is created solely by our partners and does not reflect the thoughts or opinions
of Intel or the Intel® Retail Edge Program.
Date Added: 6/22/2016

Acer Aspire V Nitro:
Designed to Rev Up Your Life

Breathtaking acceleration and awe-inspiring power are at your fingertips with the Acer Aspire V Nitro series notebook.

The Acer Aspire V Nitro is crafted with precise engineering to enable a full-throttle performance experience, enhanced by a sharp and sleek design. Plus, stunning ultra-realistic graphics and accelerated performance fuel stunning gaming and entertainment experiences unparalleled by other systems.

Peek inside the Acer Aspire V Nitro series to see exactly how innovative design, performance, and enhanced entertainment features will uplevel your on-the-go computing experiences:

Impressive Design

The new Acer Aspire V Nitro series notebook features an attractive design that includes a neat-cut corner on the hinge for an appealing, visual effect. Plus, with the slot antenna you can take advantage of even faster wireless networking experiences with a unique 360-degree design. Lastly, the new Acer Aspire V Nitro series notebook features an all-new keyboard design that helps to deliver fast-paced experiences with a soft illumination for easy visibility in dark environments.

Rapid-Fire Performance

Cutting-edge processor and graphics performance is built right into the Acer Aspire V Nitro series. The latest-generation NVIDIA® GeFORCE GTX 950M graphics enhance the visual experience and boosts gaming performance. The notebook’s performance is enhanced further with brand-new DDR4 memory, USB 3.1 USB-C ports, and Thunderbolt™ 3 technology—all supporting lightning-fast data transfers, external graphics, and dual 4K display capability.

Unparalleled Entertainment Experiences

With four built-in speakers, Acer TrueHarmony Plus, and Dolby Audio™ surround sound, you can take the big screen cinema experience with you everywhere you go. Plus, advanced dual-array digital microphone technology powered by Acer PurifiedVoice provides crystal-clear audio quality for any voice communication.

The Thunderbolt™ 3 Difference

With Thunderbolt™ 3 technology on board, data transfers, HD display, docking, and power management have never been easier. With the new Acer Aspire V Nitro series you get:

  • A USB Type C connector as the Thunderbolt™ connector for Alpine Ridge and future generation designs—providing up to 8x more speed than USB 3.0.
  • System charging capabilities up to 100W.1 Up to 15W power delivery to external devices.
  • Doubled data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps in both directions.
  • Support for two 4K displays simultaneously over a single cable.

Ditch Your External Speakers

Acer TrueHarmony technology features a superb combination of hardware and software design to deliver lifelike audio that takes your entertainment experiences to the next level.

Acer Aspire V Nitro: At a Glance

Operating System Windows® 10, 64-bit
Display 15.6-inch HD 1366 X 768, non-touch

FHD 1920 X 1080 IPS, touch option (Glare)

UHD 3840 X 2160 non-touch

CPU 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor
Graphics UMA GT2




Memory 4 GB, 8 GB DDR4 (DIMM x2), Up to 16 GB
Storage SATA III HDD 500GB, Up to 2 TB


SATA SSD 128/256 GB

Camera Acer Webcam

Key Selling Points

  • Next-Generation Processing Power
    With the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor and NVIDIA® GeFORCE GTX 960M graphics, the Acer V Nitro series laptop dramatically enhances and boosts your gaming and entertainment experiences.
  • Ultra HD Resolution Is Within Your Grasp
    Get clarity like you’ve never seen with an optional, 4K panel that delivers screen resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. A 100 percent true Adobe RGB display enables a media-rich, and more realistic viewing experience in your home and beyond.
  • Up to 4x the Storage Performance Gains
    With Non-Volatile Memory (NVMe)-based PCIe SSD technology, you can experience up to 4x faster storage performance to ensure your data is being transferred at the fastest rate possible.
  • Smart Dust Removal is Here
    Acer DustDefender quickly and efficiently removes dust buildup from within the machine to ensure a longer product lifecycle and better performance.
  • CoolBoost Intelligent Cooling
    With CoolBoost technology, users can take advantage of a truly unique UI to help adjust, control, and ultimately improve airflow throughout the system—helping the cooling of internal components to achieve better performance.
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Acer Aspire V Nitro Notebook: Entertainment-Ready

You know this customer: professional, cool; a tech connoisseur. Enjoys gaming and multimedia and has money to spend. Technology is an extension of their fast-paced lifestyle and they need a device that can keep up and help them to stand out. That device is the Acer Aspire V Nitro notebook.

Acer expertise expands into gaming

Acer is the third-largest personal computer vendor in the world. With Acer’s focus on accelerated performance, cutting-edge graphics, amped-up audio, astounding visuals, and sharp design, the Aspire V Nitro series is making its mark in the gaming and entertainment niche.

Your customer can choose between the V15 model, measuring 15.6″ in length, and the V17 model, measuring 17.3″. The exclusive 17.3″Black Edition includes Acer DustDefender, with fan blades that help remove dust and maintain a cool temperature, and Acer CoolBoost technology, for extreme fan speed when needed to boost cooling.

Gaming-grade technology

Your customers will appreciate the Aspire V Nitro’s sleek, cutting-edge look, with sharp angles, a slim profile, and the red glow of the backlit keyboard. They’ll also appreciate the gaming-grade technology behind this beauty.

Know your customers

Your target customer is aware of technology trends and has money to spend. They need power. And they want technology that’s stylish and cool.

Try asking these questions to determine if an Acer Aspire V Nitro is right for them:

  • What do you use the PC for?
    (Listen for work and entertainment, gaming)
  • Where do you use the device?
    (Listen for at work/at play, often carried with them)
  • What don’t you like about the notebook (or portable device) you have now?
    (Listen for slow, old technology or out-of-date, not stylish enough, not slim enough, runs too hot, short battery life)
  • What have you heard about the technology in the latest gaming PCs?
    (Listen for uses latest gen graphics, SSD, better cooling systems, quad-core processors inside)

Closing the sale

With its lightning-fast processing and its immersive entertainment system, the Acer Aspire V Nitro notebook will make your customer’s computing experience powerful, more realistic, more productive, and, of course, more fun. Don’t forget to remind your customers that Acer is a brand they can trust with a history of awards behind their name. If your customer wants a powerful, sleek, highly immersive PC for gaming or entertainment, the Acer Aspire V Nitro notebook fits the bill.


One Device. Four Modes. The Acer Aspire Switch 10.

Many of your customers are looking for a laptop and a tablet in one device. With the Acer Aspire Switch 10, they can get all that and more. This 2 in 1 PC provides smooth transition between four modes (notebook, tablet, tent, and display) thanks to the latchless hinge, allowing users to effortlessly transition between creating, collaborating, and sharing. With a bright touch screen and speedy Intel® Atom™ processor, the Aspire Switch 10 allows your customer to use it as a mobile tablet, type with keyboard for productivity, or flip the screen around to share a presentation with others.

Know your customers

Potential customers for the Acer Aspire Switch 10 include students of all ages, business professionals, and individuals juggling work and family life. Consider a common scenario where a customer comes in looking for something they can use for work and play. They want to be able to work and be productive in laptop mode, and also grab and go with the tablet when traveling.

What makes it different?

When comparing the Acer Aspire Switch 10 to other devices, remember these key differentiators that make this versatile device stand out.

  • The Acer Aspire Switch 10’s Acer Snap HingeTM design uses magnetic force to provide a latchless docking solution, making it easy to transition between each of the four modes:
    • Notebook: Spacious keyboard and precision touchpad make for effortless typing and navigation.
    • Tablet: Browse the Web, play games, and more—this mode lets you stay productive and mobile.
    • Tent: Ideal for sharing a display when space is limited, as on an airplane.
    • Display: Flip the display around for comfortable browsing and presentation or video sharing.
  • The magnetic and latchless design makes it easy to smoothly attach or detach the tablet from the keyboard and also holds the tablet firmly in place during use.
  • AcerCloud™ allows access to photos, music, videos, and documents—anywhere, on any device.

Features at a glance

A complete solution

The Aspire Switch 10 comes with a one-year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal. Your customers will get more done from the get-go, accessing and editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents on the go, at the office, home, or school. They can enjoy all that Windows 8.1 has to offer now, and get Windows 10 free, when they upgrade in the first year!3

Closing the sale

For the customer who gets things done and then wants to have fun wherever they are, suggest Acer Aspire Switch 10. It has the balance of performance and entertainment features busy students and professionals need. This versatile device packs every feature into the perfect 2 in 1 for an on-the-go lifestyle. Whether a notebook, tablet, display, or tent, it brings effortless transitions between creating, collaborating, and sharing.


Acer Chromebook 15: The Biggest Thing Yet

The Acer Chromebook 15 is the first Chromebook capable of being your customers’ go-to device for all their work and play. It’s ideal for customers who are invested in Google’s ecosystem or want maximum power at their desk or on the go. Users can: surf the Internet with the Chrome browser; use Gmail and Google Search; access documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with Google Drive; watch YouTube videos; and so much more!

Target audience

You may have customers asking specifically for a Chromebook, and you may have customers who are completely new to this form factor. Shape your conversations to help both types understand the value of the Acer Chromebook 15.

Recommend the right processor

Acer Chromebooks feature Intel® Celeron® processors and Intel® Core™ processors, delivering the Web performance customers need. Determine which is right for your customer based on their usage:

Closing the sale

Don’t forget to remind your customers that Acer is a brand they can trust and a leader in Chromebooks. Online reviewers give high marks to Acer Chromebooks, so you can be confident when making the sale that you’ve helped your customer make a good decision.


Acer Aspire R 14 Touch Notebook™:
A Touch More Versatile

Whether you’re helping a student who wants a device for work and play, or a businessperson who needs to work on the road, your customer wants the same thing: technology to assist them with their everyday lives. The Aspire R 14 fits seamlessly into their life, with multifunctional usage for both work and play. Help them see how this technology is designed to adapt, excel, and assist.

Designed to Adapt

With four different modes of productivity (notebook, pad, display, or tent), your customer can explore Acer’s unique 360-degree dual-torque hinge design and its strength and flexibility. You can effortlessly open the lid with just one hand, yet have enough torque to keep the display stable while touching it.

  • The notebook mode maximizes productivity with a fully functional keyboard
  • In display mode, users can easily collaborate and share
  • Tent mode is perfect when space is limited
  • Pad mode is the best way to play, share, and browse

Designed to Excel

The unique design of the Aspire R 14 delivers excellence in performance, display, audio, and remote communication, so your customers can work smarter and play harder.

  • Powered by a new 5th gen Intel® Core™ processor, the Aspire R 14 delivers processing power that takes computing to the next level.
  • With smart audio design, users stay immersed in their media, wherever they move. The audio and video automatically reverse when the display is flipped over.
  • The HDMI port will extend the full HD experience to an HDTV through a single cable.
  • The 14.0″ HD 10-point touch display with Zero Air Gap technology ensures visuals pop with vivid, lifelike images.
  • The Skype Certified advanced HD webcam lets users stay in touch at home, at work, or on the go—all in HD. Call, video chat, message, and share files seamlessly around the globe with superior audio and crystal-clear visual quality.

Designed to Assist

Make sure your customers see how the Aspire R 14 makes things seamless. Its 10-point multitouch, combined with Acer Touch Tools™, provides accurate and intuitive touch control. Users can easily capture and share images, coupons, or photos with a snap of their fingers.

  • Experience Acer’s Precision Touchpad™, which supports Windows 8 Modern Touchpad gestures and makes touch control as accurate and gestures as smooth as on a touchscreen.
  • Pinch, flick, and swirl your fingers on the touchpad for an intuitive navigation of Web pages, photos, and more.
  • Easily capture, write, and share with the Acer Touch Tools, including Instant Capture, Smart Collect, and Happy Share.

At a Glance

Know your customers

Your target customer needs a device for both productivity and fun. They need to do more, and are always online.

Try asking these questions to determine if an Acer Aspire R 14 is right for them:

  • What do you use the PC for?
    (Listen for “everything” or “work and entertainment”)
  • Where do you use the device?
    (Listen for “everywhere,” “at work and at home,” or “on-the-go”)
  • What do you go online for?
    (Listen for “I’m always online,” “Web searches,” “online shopping,” or “watching movies”)

Closing the sale

With its easy, one-handed flow between four modes, smart audio design, and crystal-clear Skype connection, this notebook is able to seamlessly fit into every situation. The Acer Aspire R 14 is everything your customer needs it to be. They will love its incredible adaptability, innovative technology, and smart features—all of which will take their productivity to the next level.